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Tons of different Expert Advisors are available on the internet. But which one is better? Which will bring more profit? The task of our ForexStore platform is to provide answers to these questions and help you to find the best Forex solutions for you.

There are only two options for automated Forex trading:

1. Forex Expert Advisors are trading systems that were written by traders and based on certain algorithm - the program is able to automatically open and close orders in the Forex market according to the set preferences.

2. Forex trading signals are using profitable trading strategies of other traders in your account. Usually it works through some kind of service or software. Basically you receive a signal which automatically opens an order and starts trading on its settings.

One of the important measures of success of the Forex strategy is how much money the system has earned over the whole time of its existence. This is called gain. Obviously the higher the value, the more profitable it will be in the future.

Assessing the value, it’s important to take into account time in which it has reached it and what was the maximum drawdown in the account where this Forex Expert Advisor traded.

Using this approach, you will be able to find the best Forex EA or best Forex signals - depending on what you need for successful trading.