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Anyone who has a trading statistics is welcome to sell Forex robots or signals in our store. It does not matter whether or not you have a website, protection of a product against hacking, or sell your EAs somewhere else, we are ready to provide all of the above and solve all the related problems. Here are two types of partnership that we offer:

Standard Partnership - all sales are carried out on the seller’s side using their payment system. We basically just put all the information about the product and post links to your website in our store. This kind of partnership means that you have a well-functioning commercial work with clients. You have a website or some other way to make sales, and also provide a technical support for your clients customers. In this case, we can add your EA or Forex signal to our store. Additional advertisement of your product is possible, if you are willing to provide exclusive discounts for ForexStore clients.

Brand Partnership - this type of partnership allows those who do not even have a website, or a finished product, to sell their EAs/signals. The main thing that you need is a trading statistics for at least 2-3 months. Using our protection system and signals transmission, we can turn the trading of your robot, or even a manual trading on the account, into the product ready for sale. We are ready to do all the technical part:

  • - Advertising and marketing of your product (not only in our store)
  • - 28 convenient payment methods for buyers
  • - Stable and reliable work of the trading system
  • - Automatic distribution of licenses after purchasing
  • - Partial technical support for customers
  • - Corporate identity development, if you do not already have that

This partnership is only possible if your trading results meet our minimum requirements. To check that, simply send a request for Brand partnership from your private area of a vendor.

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