Why is ForexStore easy to use and what benefits does it give?

With us you will always be up to date with all new Forex robots and trade signals, because we are constantly monitoring this market and add new products at once. There are regular exclusive special offers, all kinds of discounts and sales on ForexStore. Using our store, you will be able to purchase a licensed Expert Advisor even cheaper than directly from the seller's website. It is possible because we make agreements with sellers about exclusive discounts for our registered clients.

We tried to make a convenient private area for you, where you would be able to see all the purchased EAs. You can also add to the list of purchased all the EAs that were bought before you registered on ForexStore. For convenience, you can leave personal notes for each item and write its developer / seller directly from your private area.

We care about our users, so for your convenience we made 5 icons, which will help to understand at a glance whether or not a certain FX robot is right for you. Below you will find a complete description of each icon:

  • This Forex trading system has a trading statistics on real account. The results are verified by independent company Myfxbook, or FXBlue.

  • This EA has backtests - system tests based on the quotes history. Please notice, some EAs cannot have backtests due to their logic that is based on multi-currencies or news.

  • The seller of this EA guarantees a refund under specific conditions or unconditionally. The reputation of the seller and the payment system that he uses are a guarantee of getting a refund. In this case ForexStore accepts no liability.

  • Product under our protection:
    1. Licenses are issued automatically and you will immediately have access to your purchase in Personal Area.
    2. We guarantee a qualitative support service and a full refund under condition of compliance with the vendor's refund policy.

  • This Forex product has a dubious reputation. Possible causes: suspicion of a technical manipulation of results, positive results are possible only on a demo account, or numerous fraud complaints against the seller.

The rating of products is displayed as:

Formation of the rating, which is assigned to all Forex products, is completely automatic and regularly updates based on the current state of a trading system. For this reason, all the results are as objective as possible and always up to date. For a full clarity of how the rating is formed, below is a detailed description of what and how strongly affects the final result:

1. Availability of trading on a real account gives 2 points, otherwise 0.

2. Availability of backtests of the system gives 1 point, otherwise 0.

3. When using our system of protection (licensing) a system gets 1 additional point.

4. Analyzing of the trading period from 1 to 366 days. Depending on the duration of the statistics, a system can get from 0.2 to 3 points. 3 points are assigned to systems that has been working for more than 366 days. If there is no statistics, then 0 points.

5. Realism / truthfulness of trading results. If complying with these requirements, then 1 point is given. When the presented results are possible only on a demo or other fraudulent schemes / manipulations of results are revealed, a system gets -3 points (minus). If there is no trading statistics, then 0 points.

6. Analyzing of the trading success for the last 3 months. If each of the last 3 months was profitable, a system gets 2 points. If 2 out of 3 months were profitable, then 1.5 points are assigned. If only 1 month was profitable, and the other 2 - unprofitable, then 0.5 points. In case all 3 months are unprofitable, or the product has no statistics, then 0 points are assigned. The current month is taken into account only after the middle of the month (15th).

7. Analyzing of the overall stability of trading results for all time. A complex calculation algorithm is used, so we will not describe it here, but its meaning is that the fewer unprofitable months the system has and the higher monthly profitability, the better. The score can have any value in the range from 0 to -5 (minus) points. To sum up, the best result (the profit graph is smooth and always or almost always goes up) receives 0 points. The worst result (the schedule fluctuates at the level of almost no profit or even moves to a loss) could take away from the system up to 5 (minus) points.

8. Availability of a money-back guarantee gives 0 (points), otherwise -1 point (minus).

9. Analyzing the drawdown on an account. Using complex calculations, which consider the maximum drawdown on the account in relation to the monthly profitability and the total for the entire period. Depending on the success of trading results and its drawdown, a value from 0 (does not affect the rating) and up to -1 (rating deterioration) can be assigned.


We hope that the transparency of how our rating is formed will help you make the right choice in a large range of trading robots.

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