Trading days

Trading days

When we think about any kind of automated trading system we would like to work for us we surely focus our attention on a number of factors that would be decisive for our choice. It’s a factor like EA’s rating, gain, and drawdown level, profitability level, and, of course, the number of days it has been trading live.

The number of days that the system has worked on the real account is one of the most important factors you have to consider when it comes to choosing the best Forex robot that would bring you profit. Why?

The number of days that Forex Expert Advisor trades can tell you a lot about it. If the robot is making a profit for a long time it’s a solid reason to trust it and consider it to be reliable (you can see the entire history of its deals). If the advisor for the whole time on the market didn’t make a profit, then it’s pretty obvious that such a Forex robot doesn’t deserve your investments and attention.

So, for your maximum comfort, we at ForexStore have developed the most convenient product sorting system, with the help of which you can sort all the EA's in the category you need without any difficulty. Among other categories on the current page, you can find the Trading days sorting category which will be helpful if you want to check how long the specific robot or trading signal has been trading.

On this page, you may see all the Expert Advisors and trading signals on our site sorted according to its number of days that this or that robot has been trading on a real account with real money. Obviously, the higher number of the days of trading the more you can trust the reliability of the system.

However, when you are choosing the best Forex EA don’t make your choice based only on this parameter. Every advisor that is provided on our website has a description, informative graphics, percentage of drawdown and profit, as well as how many days the Forex robot is already on the market. Only after you took a look at the info that we’ve provided, you can adequately choose the most profitable Expert advisor for your business.

If you are not aware of where do you find all the pages mentioned above, we recommend you to use the “sort by” – upper part of the page where you can see all the main sorting categories and a few more additional filters you can use for the most accurate search. We highly recommend you to check out the rating page of our website where you can find all the EA’s and Forex trading signals we have sorted according to their rating. It will help you to understand which robots are worth attention and which are not. To know more about our rating system’s algorithm you may visit this page.

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