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Do you look for a free Forex robot for MT5 or MT4 to download? It is the right place you choose because we make a special offer of free Forex EA that works on both MT5 and 4 trading terminals for just everyone.

We represent you a full version of the free Forex robot that you can download by clicking the button below. This is a real commercial licensed Forex EA that has all the tests and technical support. So, don’t waste your chance – check out all the features of this Forex trading software and see by yourself that profitable Forex trading can be easy if using Forex robots.

What do you get for free

The EA that you’re about to get is one of the commercial Forex robots on ForexStore that we decided to give you access to for free. It is a real expert advisor that can make your life easier trading Forex automatically.

Market Fighter EA - profitable Forex EA
This is a trading statistic on the live account with real money. The trading on this account is verified by the independent and well-known third-party company Myfxbook.
With this free Forex EA, you’ll get all the features of the best Forex robots such as:
  • Real-life trading results
  • 24/7 friendly support
  • Fully automated trading
  • No manual moves needed
  • Works 24/7
  • Safe money management
  • Easy installation process
  • No need to tinker or adjust anything
  • Free updates
  • Auto stop-loss and take-profit
  • Backtested
  • Works on MetaTrader5 and 4
  • No complicated setups or things to learn
  • Ultimate lifetime license
Market Fighter USDCAD Aggressive FXStabilizer Turbo AUDUSD since 2013
Market Fighter USDCAD FXStabilizer Turbo AUDUSD since 2013
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Our free Forex robot is better than 99% of all other Forex Expert Advisors that are available for free download.

It is restricted to register additional accounts on ForexStore to get more than one free Forex robot. As soon as this would be traced by our system the ForexStore team will have to block your accounts. In this case, trading with EAs will be stopped, which can harm your trading account.

The free EA may be granted only once for a single person.

Free Forex robots: profit or scam?

If you just decided to trade Forex automatically you have probably thought about the possibility of beginning with some free robot just to learn more about this way of trading and to become more confident before purchasing a commercial one. And it is the right thing to do but it is important to understand that not all of the free Forex robots that you might find on the Internet are good for any kind of trading. Moreover, most of them are actually very close to what can be called trash.

It is obvious that no one would give you something for free having no benefit from it. Most of the so-called free Forex EA is actually either:

  1. Just another way to make you invest money in some Forex broker;
  2. Some hacked systems that are actually made for commercial use often do not work correctly;
  3. Just some trading systems that are no more valid for real trading since they are old and have no support and updates.

Anyway, in most cases, those "free" systems can cost you a lot more than you would spend for a good commercial EA. In every case mentioned above, there is a big risk for your deposit to be destroyed, especially in the last two of them because those systems have no updates, support, or guarantee of quality. In other words, it is extremely dangerous to trust them with real money. They can be used only on a demo account for learning purposes.

But there is a big difference in the case of the Forex robot that you can download here. We represent you real commercial EA you can download for free which has live trading statistics, technical support, and updates. Since ForexStore is a big well-known Forex robot marketplace we care about our reputation and give our customers only quality products.

The Forex robot for MT5 and 4 that is available for free here is just a special offer from ForexStore which is intended to introduce you to Forex and robo trading. You get a full version of the commercial Forex robot with all the features of the system included forever. There is no benefit we get by giving you the EA for free. It is just a promotion that is meant to attract more interested Forex people to automated trading.

Benefits of the Forex robots

Manual Forex trading is a complicated thing to do that requires years of experience to be a pro. And even pro traders can make mistakes due to different reasons. Even small things like tiredness, hunger, or sickness can affect manual traders since we all human. But it is the opposite if talking about the automated Forex trading systems. Several benefits make a difference between a manual trader and Forex EA:

24/7 constant trading Since the EA is a computer program that trades automatically according to the algorithms and trading strategy set up in it, there is no problem for Forex robot trading around the clock every day week by week. Unlike humans, the automated trading system can bring profit even at night or on holidays. Even the most dedicated Forex trader needs to take a break for eating, sleeping, and other obvious things. On other hand, Forex robots can work continuously with no need for breaks, which opens a large field of possibilities to make more profit with less effort.
Faster and more effective work Forex trading requires a fast scan of the market, finding opportunities, and making decisions. That's where Forex EAs take a huge lead over the manual traders. Automated trading software can do all the operations needed to properly calculate the placement of trade or closing it in just a matter of seconds. But manual traders are likely to take a longer time for the same tasks which can lead to missing profitable opportunities, wasting time making decisions of entering the market, or closing trades.
No human emotions There is a whole bunch of different emotions that humans have to deal with when the risk is high. Greed, fear, anxiety, and a lot of stress can influence the trading decisions of the manual Forex trader which usually leads to loss. Unlike humans, Forex EA operates on a set of pre-determined rules and algorithms which they adhere to no matter what. This is one of the main advantages of Forex robo trading.
Technical advantages Moreover, Forex robots can do a lot more complicated tasks that are beyond the power of humans. It can trade multiple strategies simultaneously, keep analyzing multiple timeframes, and currency pairs at the same time, and, of course, calculate the risks for proper money management according to the current situation which changes very quickly.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it's worth repeating that Forex robots can be extremely useful if the EA you choose is properly tested and has all the features that define it as one of the best Forex robots. But most of the free Forex EA you can find on the Internet are not what you expect them to be.

In contrast, the EA that you can get for free here is a real commercial Forex trading software that we give away as a generous promotion to invite you into the world of Forex robo trading. But still, we advise you to starts trading using any EA you purchase or download for free on a demo account to test the system by yourself, and only when you make sure that it works properly you may begin real trading.

We hope you'll enjoy using the Forex robot we provide for free! Anyways, the free Forex trading software is just a first step to stable profitable automated trading. When you get used to the process of robo trading, feel free to move on and choose one of the best Forex robots on ForexStore! This will bring you even more profit.

Market Fighter EA - profitable Forex EA
Market Fighter
Free Forex Robot
Market Fighter EA - profitable Forex EA
Market Fighter
Free Forex Robot

F. A. Q.


Is free Forex EA safe to trade with?

Most of the free robots you may find on the Internet are not safe at all and we do not recommend using them for real trading (only on demo accounts). But the EA we provide for free is a real commercial automated Forex trading system that has all the tests and verifications and so that it can safely be used on the real trading account.

How do I find the best Forex EA?

There are several criteria to check that define the Forex robot to be one of the best. You may visit the best Forex EA page where we described in detail the most significant of them and put together a list of the best Forex robots on ForexStore so that it is easy for you to choose one.

Do I need trading experience to use Forex EA?

Not necessarily. This is one of the main advantages of the Forex robots that you do not need special education or a deep understanding of the market to use them since the EA does all the work for you. But it is also good to know the basics of Forex trading. You may learn more about Forex on specialized web sources such as or the Forex forums like

What is automated Forex trading?

It is the way of trading foreign exchange by using automated Forex trading software which is pre-programmed for trading by specific algorithms and trading strategies. To learn more about this visit the automated forex trading page on ForexStore. There you’ll find more detailed information on this.

How do I install the free EA?

There is a special user manual included in the package of the robot that explains the process of the installation and setting up in detail. The main things to have to start the installation process are the MT4 or MT5 trading terminal installed on your PC and a stable Internet connection.

What is MetaTrader5 or 4 and why do I need it?

MetaTrader5 or 4 is special software (platform) that allows you to get access to the real live foreign exchange market quotes and to trade Forex. It is a necessary software that it is impossible to trade Forex without either manually or automatically. The free Forex robot that you download here should be installed in the MT5 or 4 terminal. Most of the Forex brokers provide their own version of the trading terminal that is specifically set up for comfortable trading according to brokers’ rules.

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