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FX Classic Trader

rating 7/10
  • Gain 294.1%
  • Monthly 25.9%
  • Drawdown 0.3%
  • Days in Live 190

FX Classic Trader EA is one of the Forex robots that took years of research to develop. This makes the system to be a perfect strategy for safe, reliable, and profitable Forex trading. This system was specially developed to trade on EURGBP currency pair.


Due to the imperfection of the drawdown calculation on FX Blue monitoring service, the drawdown on this account is shown to be much lower than it actually is.


FX Classic Trader - Real

FX Classic Trader - Myfxbook trading account


FX Classic Trader EURGBP FX Classic Trader EURGBP dates 2017-2020 backtest results

About FX Classic Trader

FX Classic Trader EA is a 100% automated trading system that is equipped with several useful features to maximize the convenience and profitability of Forex trading.

  • The system uses Smart Money Management to secure your funds from more risks than you are expecting;
  • It also compatible with FIFO and NFA rules which means that trading with FX Classic Trader will be safe and fair;
  • The robot is made such a way that it is compatible with every broker which means that you can choose from thousands of available brokers out there;
  • Developers of FX Classic Trader EA provide every user with Lifetime Support so that if you have any problem, you’ll definitely get the proper help and support;
  • To prove the quality of the robot developers of FX Classic Trader EA provided 100% verified live trading results from the FXBlue website.

Trading requirements

There are some requirements you need to take into account to make your trading with FX Classic Trader EA as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. So, for the best trading experience your broker should be compatible with the following requirements:

  1. Compatible with MetaTrader 4 trading platform;
  2. It should have Narrow spreads;
  3. Recommended leverage is 1:100 – 1:500, and the minimum should be not lower than 1:50;
  4. Only 5-digits price feed is required;
  5. The balance on the account should be not less than 200$;
  6. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is recommended to secure your trading if there could be any problems with the computer or Internet connection.
  7. The EA should work 24/7 without any interruptions to trade properly.

More about FX Classic Trader EA

Trading Logic

The FX Classic Trader analyzes the market to catch the price movement between Support and Resistance levels. The robot also uses an indicators analysis to calculate the price movement which creates a really unique trading algorithm. The system automatically chooses the best time to open or close an order to make the max profit.

Professional Risk Management

The EA is created the way that it professionally uses smart money management to cut the loses and risks so that the EA maximizes profits and does not allow to take a higher risk. The FX Classic Trader EA does not use the Martingale trading method. Recommended deposit for convenience trading is 200$ for a 0.01 lot.

Broker Independency

This automated trading system is free to be run on every broker you want and with any account type you choose. We recommend to starts your trading with the demo account to test the system before starting your live trading with real money. You can reach higher profits if you use the broker with narrow spreads.

Amazing Trading Results

The robot maximizes profits while at the same time minimizes drawdowns so that you get the maximum out of this trading system. You can see for yourself the incredible trading results of this robot after purchasing the FX Classic Trader EA!

Purchase includes:

Basic Version - 109 USD

  • 1 Real Account
  • 1 Demo Account
  • 100% automated trading
  • Lifelong license
  • Free upgrades and support

Business Version - 129 USD

  • 2 Real Account
  • 2 Demo Account
  • 100% automated trading
  • Lifelong license
  • Free upgrades and support

Premium Version - 149 USD

  • 3 Real Account
  • 3 Demo Account
  • 100% automated trading
  • Lifelong license
  • Free upgrades and support

Refund Policy

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FX Classic Trader - safe automated Forex systems
FX Classic Trader
FX Classic Trader - safe automated Forex systems
FX Classic Trader
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  • How to install the FX Classic Trader on MetaTrader 4?

    The installation process of the FX Classic Trader on MT4 is pretty simple. You only need to download the installation files of the robot to your computer and put them into the right folders of your MT4. Learn how to install and run EA on MT4 and trade with FX Classic Trader without problems.

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