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Forex Sugar

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  • Gain 172.9%
  • Monthly 17.8%
  • Drawdown 1%
  • Days in Live 273
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Forex Sugar is a smart and powerful robot. It makes profit quickly and makes the account growth steady.
100% Automated Expert Advisor to work 24/5 continuous, trade any time of day and night.


Information about Forex Sugar

Forex Sugar is based on a large number of price data analyses, real-time scalping system. You will get a lot of orders just after set up. You can make lots of money every day and fulfill your dreams.

This EA is completely user friendly. There is a combination of technical indicators with live news-events, being used in the EA. Forex Sugar robot receives trading signals from these Technical Indicators in order to open a position. Once a position opened then like other trading systems EA won't close the position at fixed TP/SL. This ea again calculates few indicators to decide when to close the position. So SL/TP are not fixed in this EA, these are completely dynamic.

This EA likes stable market, it doesn't like volatility. Markets are volatile during news events. So this EA gets news and pause itself for certain duration during Low Impact News, Medium Impact News & High Impact News release. EA can either be allowed or stopped to trade during any News release. This feature of EA is VERY IMPORTANT and enhances its trading skills.

So Forex Sugar EA

  • can trade excluding news release duration. You can set the duration in minutes, prior and post to a news event.
  • can trade 24 hours, no matter whether any news is released or not. Whenever any news will be released, EA will consider it and will adjust its trading scenario accordingly.
  • can be turned On/Off for particular weekday(s)

Forex Sugar EA trades on Real environment of News release. Trading volume, tick value, News/ data release, that influence the market movement can be wisely cashed by automated Forex Sugar EA very well.

Strategy used in this EA

Forex Sugar EA uses few Technical indicators and Price action movement. It reacts on Live News events. You can use fixed SL/TP in this EA, but we don't recommend small and fixed SL/TP for this EA. We have set big SL/TP by default in this EA. Every position closed according to indicators and News impact.

So by using this technique:

  • you can hide SL/TP from your broker
  • you can grab more pips, because if price movement is in favorable direction then it keeps open that position for more profit
  • similarly if position opens and comes in loss after few minutes, and EA feels that this is wrong position, then it will close that position in little loss and won't wait for big loss.

Forex Sugar is an expert adviser developed to run in the MT4. Anyone can use this robot, even without any prior experience.

Forex Sugar is a profitable and automated robot that really works on the MT4.


Which trading platform is required for this Expert Advisor (EA)?
Only Metatrader-4 (MT4) terminal.

Can I trade with Forex Sugar on MAC?
Forex Sugar works only in Metatrader-4 (MT4) terminal, and MT4 is created for Windows only. But you can use VPS service to use MT4 and Foerx Sugar with MAC OS without any problem.

Can I use Forex Sugar EA with other Expert advisors in same account?
Yes, Forex Sugar uses Magic number. With the help of Magic number it recognizes it's own trades and doesn't interfere in other trades in your account.

Can I use this EA with any broker?
Yes, this EA can be used with almost all forex brokers, who provides Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform for trading.

My broker doesn't allow hedging. Can I still use Forex Sugar EA?
Yes, ofcourse. It works well with both type of brokers. You can set Hedging=True/Falsein EA settings.

Do I need to have any particular account type for this EA?
EA works well with all account type like Cent, Micro or Standard.

Do I need VPS for this EA?
If you have fast computer with all time internet(24 hours), then you don't need VPS.

Which Account leverage is recommended for this EA?
It can work with all kind of Account leverages. We recommend higher leverage like 1:500.

Does spread impact on the working of the EA?
Tight spread is always good for the working of any EA. Zero or low spread with commission will also work well.

Does Stoplevel/Freeze level impact on the working of the EA?
It's not a problem with this EA.

Which currency pairs can I trade with?
You can trade almost all currency pairs with this EA, but good results can be seen on EURGBP, XAGUSD, NZDUSD.

What Time Frame is recommended for this EA?
M15 (Minute 15).

Does EA use Stop Loss & Take Profit?
Yes, EA is using SL & TP.

Whats are the best & optimum settings for Forex Sugar EA?
This EA is already optimized for best results. You can use it with it's default settings.

Is this EA customizable?
Yes, EA is well customizable by the user. We have given access to you for all important parameters. You can see their values and can change at your end, although all defaults values are already optimized for profitable results.

What is GMT_Offset parameter in EA settings?
This EA reacts on News and EA is getting news from Forex Factory So for this you must have to set correct GMT_Offset, otherwise EA will not react to the news on correct time. You can ask your broker for his GMT_Offset

How many trades can expect per day?
Number of trades per day depends. It can vary 5 to 20 per day for a single currency pair.

How much can I make?
30% to 100% or even more than this per month.

What is minimum capital requirement for this EA?
Minimum $500 with a leverage of 1:500.

What is trading strategy of the EA?
This EA does scalping, with the use of some technical indicators and mathematical calculations. EA reacts on News (Low, Medium and High impact news) release well.

Is it Martingale or Grid EA?
EA is neither Martingale nor grid based. EA is using some Technical Indicators and calculations in order to take its trading signals.

Will I get updated versions FREE in future?
Sure, Updated / enhanced versions of the Forex Sugar EA will be provided to all clients FREE of charge.

Do I need any special knowledge of the Forex market etc. to use this EA successfully?
No, you don’t need to have any exceptional knowledge of the Forex market to use Forex Sugar.

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  • Unlimited Demo Accounts


  • 5 Real Account
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts

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Forex Sugar - reliable Forex Expert Advisor
Forex Sugar
Forex Sugar - reliable Forex Expert Advisor
Forex Sugar