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Forex Sugar

rating 1/10
  • Gain -2.9%
  • Monthly -0.7%
  • Drawdown 77.2%
  • Days in Live 137

Forex Sugar is a fully automated forex trading robot.


Forex Sugar - Real

Forex Sugar - analyse results on FxBlue demo account

Information about Forex Sugar

Advantages of Our Automated Trading:

  • Our well-developed and optimized automated forex trading software helps you trade profitably.
  • Our robot's decision-making system is based entirely on smart calculations & technical indicators, which makes trading more efficient and profitable for you.
  • Our automated trading systems monitor and trade multiple trading instruments continuously 24 hours a day.
  • If you wish, you can adjust our Expert Advisor settings or revert to manual trading at any time in case of unusual market situations.

Strategy used in our EA:

We have developed a brilliant combination of Scalping strategy and Grid trading strategy. These two strategies are highly customizable in Forex Sugar EA. Forex Sugar EA is especially designed for maximum and steady profit from forex market and of course with minimum risk.

How our EA Works

Forex Scalping is a trading strategy used by forex traders to buy a currency pair and then to hold it for a short period of time in an attempt to make a profit. A forex scalper looks to make a large number of trades and earn a small profit each time.

While the Grid trading strategy gives profit from the sideways as well as trending market conditions. Grid trading involves hedging, and placing alternate buy and sell orders at certain levels.

Forex Sugar EA is made up of two EA files(.EX4). First file name is ForexSugar-Vx.xx-A.ex4 and second file name os ForexSugar-Vx.xx-B.ex4. These 2 files work together. First file is based on scalping and second file is based on Grid pattern.

Initially when we start EA on our Forex account, then File-A comes in action and opens a trade using sophisticated indicators using it. Almost orders closes in profit, but sometimes currency price moves in opposite direction, so in that case, File-A handover that opened position to File-B.

So in this manner our EA gives only profit without any risk and with minimal Drawdown.

Forex Sugar is an expert adviser developed to run in the MT4. Anyone can use this robot, even without any prior experience.

Forex Sugar is a profitable and automated robot that really works on the MT4.


Which trading platform is required for this Expert Advisor (EA)?
Only Metatrader-4 (MT4) terminal.

Can I trade with Forex Sugar on MAC?
Forex Sugar works only in Metatrader-4 (MT4) terminal, and MT4 is created for Windows only. But you can use VPS service to use MT4 and Foerx Sugar with MAC OS without any problem.

Can I use Forex Sugar EA with other Expert advisors in same account?
Yes, Forex Sugar uses Magic number. With the help of Magic number it recognizes it's own trades and doesn't interfere in other trades in your account.

Can I use this EA with any broker?
Yes, this EA can be used with almost all forex brokers, who provides Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform for trading.

My broker doesn't allow hedging. Can I still use Forex Sugar EA?
Hedging is must for this EA

Do I need to have any particular account type for this EA?
EA works well with all account type like Cent, Micro or Standard.

Do I need VPS for this EA?
If you have fast computer with all time internet(24 hours), then you don't need VPS.

Which Account leverage is recommended for this EA?
It can work with all kind of Account leverages. We recommend higher leverage like 1:500.

Does spread impact on the working of the EA?
Tight spread is always good for the working of any EA. Zero or low spread with commission will also work well.

Which currency pairs can I trade with?
You can trade almost all currency pairs with this EA, but good results can be seen on EURUSD.

What Time Frame is recommended for this EA?
M1 (Minute 1).

Does EA use Stop Loss & Take Profit?
Yes, EA is using SL & TP.

Whats are the best & optimum settings for Forex Sugar EA?
This EA is already optimized for best results. You can use it with it's default settings.

Is this EA customizable?
Yes, EA is well customizable by the user. We have given access to you for all important parameters. You can see their values and can change at your end, although all defaults values are already optimized for profitable results.

How many trades can expect per day?
On an average you may get approximate 5-10 trades or more in a day. But it is not a fix figure, you may get more or less trades, it totally depends on spread value and price movement. Sometimes its inbuilt indicators may have many buy/sell signals and sometimes there may be no signal for a day.

What is minimum capital requirement for this EA?
Minimum recommended for a standard type account is $1000 with a leverage of 1:400 or more. But if you want to trade below USD1000 then we suggest to use cent account.

What is trading strategy of the EA?
This EA does scalping, with the use of some technical indicators and mathematical calculations.

Will I get updated versions FREE in future?
Sure, Updated / enhanced versions of the Forex Sugar EA will be provided to all clients FREE of charge.

Do I need any special knowledge of the Forex market etc. to use this EA successfully?
No, you don’t need to have any exceptional knowledge of the Forex market to use Forex Sugar.

Purchase includes:

Basic - $149

  • 1 Real Account
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts


  • 5 Real Account
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts

Refund policy

We provide a full money back guarantee. If our software doesn’t perform as it should, you will get your money back. You have to run atleast 30 days. If results are not profitable as promised, a refund will be initiated immediately, on condition that you have used our recommended settings

Forex Sugar - reliable Forex Expert Advisor
Forex Sugar
Forex Sugar - reliable Forex Expert Advisor
Forex Sugar
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  • How to install the Forex Sugar on MetaTrader 4?

    The installation process of the Forex Sugar on MT4 is pretty simple. You only need to download the installation files of the robot to your computer and put them into the right folders of your MT4. Learn how to install and run EA on MT4 and trade with Forex Sugar without problems.

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