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FXStabilizer Ultimate EA is automated Forex robot details

FXStabilizer Ultimate

Gain 497.26% Monthly 7.62% Drawdown 66.04% Days in Live 524 $295-539
FXAdept is automated Forex Expert Advisor details


Gain 175.25% Monthly 3.54% Drawdown 51.13% Days in Live 873 $269
Trader's Sun EA is automated Forex robot details

Trader's Sun

Gain 245.92% Monthly 2.57% Drawdown 27.82% Days in Live 1470 $269
FXStabilizer Pro EA is automated Forex robot details

FXStabilizer PRO

Gain 1951.96% Monthly 6.4% Drawdown 21.47% Days in Live 1462 $295-739
FXCharger Max EA is automated Forex robot details

FXCharger MAX

Gain 1528.63% Monthly 5.92% Drawdown 29.46% Days in Live 1489 $495
FXMath X-Trader EA is automated Forex robot details 6.5/10

FXMath X-Trader

Gain 1632.7% Monthly 21% Drawdown 42.4% Days in Live 449 $99-149
Forex Gump EA is automated Forex robot details 8/10

Forex Gump EA

Gain 1709.6% Monthly 14.7% Drawdown 99.1% Days in Live 599 €199-399
Oxygen FX TRADER - very profitable results details 0/10


Gain 2055.2% Monthly 32% Drawdown 37.8% Days in Live 410 $119-159
Ruby Expert Advisor is automated Forex robot details 7.1/10

Ruby Expert Advisor

Gain 416.97% Monthly 32.28% Drawdown 67.54% Days in Live 181 $299-499 12 M.
FXrobotGO EA is automated Forex robot details


Gain 237.4% Monthly 4.64% Drawdown 36.77% Days in Live 805 $275
XFXea EA is automated Forex robot details


Gain 1155.74% Monthly 14.35% Drawdown 59.71% Days in Live 571 $260
FX-Neuro Bot EA is automated Forex robot details 7.5/10

FX-Neuro Bot

Gain 539% Monthly 20.9% Drawdown 15% Days in Live 280 $109-147
ForexBot28 EA is automated Forex robot details


Gain -99.9% Monthly -25.72% Drawdown 99.93% Days in Live 715 $255
Trader's Moon EA is automated Forex robot details

Trader's Moon

Gain 135.03% Monthly 5.59% Drawdown 41.35% Days in Live 473 $269
FXHelix EA is automated Forex robot details


Gain 664.36% Monthly 9.98% Drawdown 52.14% Days in Live 644 $210
fxProud EA is automated Forex robot details


Gain 140.36% Monthly 3.7% Drawdown 46.66% Days in Live 728 $299-399
The Wave Scalper EA is automated Forex robot details 7.1/10

The Wave Scalper

Gain 100.19% Monthly 8.11% Drawdown 12.63% Days in Live 271 $297-497
Z Trader FX EA is automated Forex robot details 8/10

Z Trader FX EA

Gain 1194.8% Monthly 13.7% Drawdown 15.5% Days in Live 588 $117
Forex Cyborg EA is automated Forex robot details 6/10

Forex Cyborg

Gain 159.39% Monthly 2.76% Drawdown 35.27% Days in Live 1063 €500
FXshooter EA is automated Forex robot details 5.5/10


Gain 94.45% Monthly 6.09% Drawdown 22.15% Days in Live 340 $299-450

Find the best Forex Robots on ForexStore

Forex market is the biggest trading platform in the world that involves thousands of traders every day. Like any other exchange market, Forex is a place where people from all over the world sell and buy currency. But everyone who’s familiar with classic trading would explain that it’s not the fastest and probably not the safest way to make money. It surely includes both possibility to make a profit as well as the risk of losing money and it takes lots of time.

If you are not familiar with how to trade Forex you can learn about it here.

But since there is no doubt that everyone wants to make a stable profit at Forex market immediately and without high risks, we at ForexStore are here to help you with this. In our store we collected a huge amount of Forex robots and signals for automated trading so that everyone can find the one that fits exactly to the person’s trading goals and style.

Our store is unique place that contains quality product and bunch of useful tools such as:

A huge selection of automated Forex trading software

Here on our site you will find everything you need. We made sure that it would be as easy as possible for our customers to choose the best EAs offered. Therefore, in addition to a huge number of high-quality advisors, our site has a convenient search, a variety of currency pairs and a unique, transparent rating system.

We have described in details how the rating system forms its rating here.

We offer our customers only high-quality and secure Forex software. Every single page on our site has an informative achievement of our products, a number of backtests, the statistics that shows a trading progress of the robot in a real-time account and much more.

Besides, our team performs an everyday monitoring of the market, adding new up-to-date Forex EAs and signals to the store so that we can help you to contribute maximum towards your goals.

Unique prices

Pricing policy is one of the key advantages of our website. In our store you will be able to find a number of beneficial seasonal sales, unique promotions, discounts and exclusive prices for popular Forex robots. Simply put, we are trying to present you the best prices out there - you can find out that some products are even cheaper on ForexStore than directly from the seller’s website.

So go and check out our hottest price offers here.


As we care of our costumers the highly qualified friendly 24/7 technical support is ready to solve any problem you might have. If you have any questions or encountered a problem with one of the products you have purchased on ForexStore, just contact our support team here.


We’re open to cooperation and would love to share your products in our store. So If you have profitable automated trading robots or you are successfully trading manually, there are an opportunity to sell your products on our website.

You can learn about the partnership with ForexStore here.