The Best Forex Pairs to Trade

When you trade Forex currency pairs, you exchange one currency for another or convert one currency into another. This dynamic market differs from stock trading because it operates virtually around the clock for most of the working week due to the difference in time zones. This makes efficient Forex trading more accessible to those who work during standard exchange hours. Furthermore, the best Forex robots are here for you to help you achieve success in trading, so it's easier than it may seem.

A key advantage of Forex trading pairs is that traders can trade with larger leverage and lower margin requirements compared to traders in stock markets. However, before diving into how do Forex pairs work, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the most popular Forex pairs that are frequently traded.

Factors to consider when choosing Forex pairs

Before trading the best Forex pairs to trade, it is significant to consider certain factors to increase the likelihood of success.

  • Trade the most liquid Forex pairs for faster execution and lower spreads.
  • Less volatile Forex pairs are better for beginner traders as they are less unpredictable. While high volatility can offer opportunities for profit, it also involves a greater level of risk.
  • When selecting the best Forex pairs for beginners, you should familiarize yourself with the economic fundamentals of the countries associated with currency pairs. Financial news, such as GDP reports, interest rates, employment data, and other economic indicators, can affect currency value.
  • Technical analysis tools like support, resistance, trend lines, and indicators are crucial for success in trading currency pairs.

Equally important is your interest in the top Forex pairs. Choose the most popular Forex pairs that interest you and for which you can gather more information. Study their characteristics and peculiarities to become a more knowledgeable trader.

Best Forex pairs to trade during each session

The market has its best Forex pairs to trade during each session. Let's consider the most traded Forex pairs, which are considered quite profitable. Meanwhile, you will learn how to read Forex pairs and utilize this knowledge for higher profits.


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EUR/USD is one of the fastest-moving Forex pairs, attracting the attention of many traders due to its global significance and high liquidity. So it is one of the best Forex pairs to trade. Add narrow spreads and ample opportunities for entry and exit, and you have the answer to why it is so appealing to traders worldwide.

The EUR/USD pair is also known for its negative correlation with the US dollar and the Swiss franc (USD/CHF), meaning that when one currency strengthens, the other typically weakens. It creates opportunities for traders to profit by analyzing market movements and making corresponding forecasts.


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The USD/CAD currency pair holds a significant position among the major Forex pairs, and its enduring popularity stems from the close economic interconnection between the United States and Canada. Factors such as trade interactions and the profound influence of the energy sector on the Canadian dollar (CAD) value contribute to this pair's prominence. Notably, the oil price is a pivotal determinant for USD/CAD dynamics.

Oil price changes affect the value of the Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar due to Canada's reliance on the energy sector. This relationship is important for analyzing and predicting the USD/CAD currency pair.


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GBP/USD is among the most profitable Forex pairs. The British pound's value against the US dollar is heavily affected by political and economic events in both the United Kingdom and the United States. One example is Brexit, which caused market instability and significant changes in the GBP/USD exchange rate. Those who accurately forecasted and acted upon these alterations were able to earn significant profits. Economic data and decisions by central banks in both countries also greatly influence the GBP/USD pair. Changes in interest rates, employment reports, inflation, and GDP growth can lead to fluctuations in the pair's price.


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Among the most common Forex pairs, it is worth mentioning USD/CHF, as the Swiss franc is known for its stability and its role as a “safe haven.” In uncertain political or economic conditions, investors tend to look for ways to safeguard their assets. One popular option is to hold currency reserves in the Swiss franc, which tends to become more appealing during such times. As a result, the Swiss franc typically gains strength against other currencies, such as the US dollar. Moreover, this currency is recognized for its stability and may possess lesser volatility compared to other currencies.


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Trading USD/JPY maybe is not the best Forex pair to trade for beginners, but it is still an attractive option. The JPY's value changes based on Japan's policies. It creates trading opportunities for those interested in highly volatile markets, such as trading the USD/JPY currency pair.


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The value of the Australian dollar (AUD) is greatly impacted by commodity markets. If the prices of commodities decrease, the value of AUD may also go down. However, if commodity prices increase, AUD may become stronger. AUD/USD negatively correlates with USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and USD/JPY as USD is the base currency in those pairs. As a result, if the value of USD rises, the value of AUD/USD usually drops, and the opposite is also true.

The Bottom Line

Understanding the distinct characteristics of every currency pair is essential for any successful trader. Both fundamental and technical aspects must be taken into account, including economic indicators, central bank policies, geopolitical events, and seasonality. To achieve success in trading, it is crucial to analyze the specific features of the selected pair and utilize various analysis techniques.