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Forex market has a huge potential and grants opportunity to earn big money. And this is best done by using Forex trading robots.

Since Forex trading is a potentially highly profitable area, there are many competing trading programs and signals. In such a rich variety of choice it’s hard to understand which one is really good and which one will cause you to lose money. Our store will be happy to help you in this choice.

We specifically have developed our unique algorithm for rating each Forex system. In addition, its calculation is completely transparent, and you can read about it here. This rating takes into account how stable the specific trading robot trades, how long it has been out, uses real money on the account of the system or not and much more.

Analyzing multiple real time data of the trading system, we can calculate its rating and automatically assign from 10 to 0 points to the program. The best forex robots are those that have from 10 to 7 points - they are the most preferred and reliable.

You can also look at some Forex robots or trading signals that have from 6.9 to 3.5 points. In some cases given the characteristics of their trade style and strategies they might work for you. We don’t recommend to use products that have from 3.4 to 0 points, because they either don’t have statistics at all, or the results of their trade are very bad.