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It is a generally known fact that Forex exchange market is global decentralized market for trading currencies. The market includes all the aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies and determines the foreign exchange rate. In terms of every day trading volume, it is the largest market in the world. That’s why Forex market has a huge potential and grants opportunity to earn large amount of money. And many traders all around the globe would say that one of the best and safest ways it could be done is by using Forex trading robots.

Well, since Forex trading is potentially highly profitable area, it’s not surprising that there are huge number of Forex robots and signals. Literally every day there are many new systems that appears on the Forex EAs marketplaces. And sometimes it’s hard to find out which one is going to bring you profit and which one is going to cause you to lose money. In such a rich variety of choice it’s highly important to realize which Expert Advisor or signal to choose. And we glad to bring it to you that our store will be happy to help you with that choice.

Our team works hard to provide only the best products on Forexstore but, apart from that, we also take care to make sure that you will find the most profitable and reliable system. For that particular reason we have developed our unique algorithm to put together a rating for each and every Forex trading system we introduce on our website. This rating takes into account of how stable the specific trading robot trades, how long it has been out, uses real money on the account of the system or not and much more. The total number of factors taken into account determines where in the ranking this or that assistant will be.

We want you to be sure that the rating on our site is as transparent as possible, therefore we have put here detailed information on how the algorithm works and what key factors are taken into account for the construction of the rating.

Analyzing multiple real time data of the trading system our algorithm calculates its rating and automatically assigns it from 0 to 10 points. The best forex robots are marked with a green indicator. Only robots with a rating from 10 to 7 have indicators of this color. They are the most reliable, stable and profitable systems. We highly recommend to check out those systems first because we are interested in you getting safest possible and the most profitable products.

The EAs that have rating from 6.9 to 3.5 points are marked with orange indicator. You can also look at some Forex robots or trading signals of this category. In some cases, given the characteristics of their trade style and strategies they might work for you. But be aware that not all of those systems have real time trading statistics or they have some other limitations.

As well as green and orange indicators there are also some products that marked with red indicator. The systems that marked this way have rating from 3.4 to 0 and are not preferred. We do not recommend to use those products because they either don’t have statistics at all or the results of their trade are very bad.