FrontRunnerPipStrikeRobot robot stable Forex trading

Front Runner Pip Strike Robot

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  • Gain 96.04%
  • Monthly 6.21%
  • Drawdown 63.19%
  • Days in Live 2306

FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot automated versions, this Forex EA works with natural trading principals that keep you safe and steady in profits.

This Forex EA (FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot automated versions) need no optimization just plug and play.


FrontRunnerPipStrikeRobot - Real

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FrontRunnerPipStrikeRobot - live statistics Forex trading account

Information about FrontRunnerPipStrikeRobot

Check the fully verified results by clicking to the chart.

No human intervention required. Just let the EA work.

This EA makes maximum profit on any market condition.

Less than 7% drawdown
The EA contains many features including Money Management, Equity management which calculates every single positions, as a result, risk is minimixed to ignorable state.

50%-60% monthly profit
Due to the sophisticated nature of our EA strategy we achieved 40% to 80% profit in a month! You can verify this amazing performance by yourself by check out the backtest results.


We work totally transparent, we sell what we use. Verified results on our own accounts with Universe FX robot.


The installation process takes only 5 minutes. Even the completely beginners can make it work easily.


Afraid of Metatrader 4 trading platform? If you have any concerns or questions about it we are ready to help you out.


If you become our member you will receive a full program package which was developed for Metatrader 4.


In the program package you can find a detailed User's Manual containing all necessary information about the setup.


If you have any question to us we are always ready to help you! Our team will happily answer your question via email.


Question: I don’t have any experience on Forex Trading; can I still trade profitably?
Answer: yes of course, FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot is for novice as well as for professional traders.

Question: Is FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot a full Automated EA?
Answer: Yes, it is full Automated and for metatrader terminal.

Question: What Account Leverage is required for this EA?
Answer: it Works with any leverage.

Question: What Account balance recommendations for this EA?
Answer: it can trade an amount but we recommend 0.01 For $300.

Question: Which currency pairs can be traded with the FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot EA?
Answer: FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot can trade all pairs but we advice traders to choose those pairs with low spread,like major pairs "usdchf,eurusd,Usdjpy*gbpusd*,eurgbp*,gbpchf*,cadchf*.etc

Question: Can you recommend some currency pairs out of these for optimum performance?
Answer: we choose usdchf,eurusd,Usdjpy*,usdcad,gbpusd*,eurgbp*,chfjpy*,gbpchf*,cadchf

Question: Which timeframe does FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot?
Answer: FRPS+ROBOT can works on all timeFrames but we recommended timeFrame

Question: Is it difficult to setting it up?
Answer: It is very easy, less than a minute.

Question: must i set FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot External settings?
Answer: Yes use the manual that came with the Robot.

Question: If I got any problem or doubt regarding FRPS+ROBOT, Do you have any support?
Answer: We have exceptional customer support. Our experts are available 24x7 a week for assistance.

Question: I already have an account with a forex broker. Can I setup the EA on my existing account?
Answer: Of course! FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot can be setup on the MT4 terminals. It doesn’t matter how long you have opened it.

Question: My broker is 5 Digit (means it shows prices like 1.51045 instead of 1.5104), will FRPS+ROBOT work?
Answer: Yes, it'll work. It automatically adjusts itself according to the 4digit or 5 digits as the case may be.

Question: what system do FRPS+ROBOT work on hedging, arbitage, etc?
Answer: FRPS+ROBOT is a complete trading system that accept all broker policy, work fine on US AND NON US brokers.

Question: Will you provide optimum values of all parameters of FRPS+ROBOT?
Answer: Of course! all defaults values are optimum values.

Question: Does FRPS+ROBOT require any kind of human intervention?
Answer: FRPS+ROBOT is a fully automated forex trading software. It doesn’t require any kind of human intervention.

Question: What happens if I lose internet connectivity for a short time?
Answer: It is highly recommended that your internet must be connected throughout the trading hours. But if you got disconnected internet then no need to worry FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot got your SL tightened.

Question: Can I leave the EA running over night?
Answer: Of course! FRPS+ROBOT is a fully automated system and it doesn’t require any human intervention.

Question: Do I need to keep on watching the Trading terminal and EA?
Answer: No need to watch it continuously. You can leave the EA running while you are at work or sleep.

Question: Do I need to turn off the EA in weekend days (Saturday & Sunday)?
Answer: No need to turn off the EA in weekend days.

Question: does FrontRunnerPipStrikePlusRobot work with ECN brokers?
Answer: Of course! it works well with ECN brokers.

Question: Lastly, what is martingale in external value of the EA?
Answer: the martingale is ability to increase and auto decrease your lot,but it always turn off,but you can enable it if you like to auto increase you trading lots.

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FrontRunnerPipStrikeRobot robot stable Forex trading
Front Runner Pip Strike Robot
FrontRunnerPipStrikeRobot robot stable Forex trading
Front Runner Pip Strike Robot
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  • How to install the Front Runner Pip Strike Robot on MetaTrader 4?

    The installation process of the Front Runner Pip Strike Robot on MT4 is pretty simple. You only need to download the installation files of the robot to your computer and put them into the right folders of your MT4. Learn how to install and run EA on MT4 and trade with Front Runner Pip Strike Robot without problems.

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