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Short overview of currencies G10 and best forex EA for trading them

Short overview of currencies G10 and best forex EA for trading them

Jim Anderson - Public Relations

Here you can find information about G10 currencies and best Forex robots for trading them. 

USD – The continuation of the explosive scenario implies the weakness of the US dollar but an increase in the yield of US binds does not allow it to fall sharply.

The best forex robot for trading USD is FxStabilizer which brings stable profit in any market situation.

EUR – The euro is holding firmly against the USD and rises sharply against the JPY and CHF thanks to hopes for improved economic prospects: expectation for the ZEW index in Germany yesterday showed the sixth consecutive month of recovery. Tomorrow’s April preliminary PMI data may turn out if they exceed expectations for moderate improvement.

EUR is one of the most popular currencies that’s why we have a wide range of robots for trading it. Here are the best forex robots we have for EUR currency FxStabilizer,  Forex inControl,  FXChargerMAX,  FXGOODWAY.

JPY – Yen suffers under the weight of improved risk appetite and increased bond yields. Crosses with JPY are likely to show the greatest beta, both to the continuation of the current complacent mood in the market and to their possible termination.

GBP – A prolonged postponement in Brexit harms the pound. EURGBP entered the reversal zone – from 0.8650 to about 0.8700 – and there is a risk of further upward movement if the level of 1.3000 is broken through the GBPUSD pair.

The most highly profitable and secure Expert Advisors for this currency are FxStabilizer and FXCharger MAX.

CHF – The easing of CHF is now the most stable movement among the G10 currencies and will probably show a high beta for any continuation of the explosive scenario (especially for any increase in bond yield).

The best forex robot for trading CHF is FxStabilizer which brings stable profit in any market situation.

AUD – There is a key test the AUDUSD pair, which looks above the 200-day mobbing average and the area of 0.72000. If today it closes firmly above this level, it will be a technical reason for long positions, although for the past six months this pair has not seen any obvious trend. We are waiting for employment data in Australia tonight.

For trading AUD we have picked out two forex robots: FxStabilizer and FXChargerMAX.

CAD – USD and CAD stand shoulder to shoulder: the spread of rates on two-year bonds has remained within 20 bps for more than nine months. A similar situation was observed in a significant part of 2013 when the USDCAD rate was clamped between 1.00 and 1.05 and the spread rated in the same way stood still.

NZD – The value of the New Zealand CPI for the fourth quarter fully confirms that New Zealand underwent a structural shift to the weak side. But there is an increase overnight in pairs like NZDUSD and NZDJPY most likely caused by the latest data from China. So there is a question now: how much will it affect a pair like AUDNZD. Short selling NZD can be challenging as long as risk appetite is supported by hoped that Chinese stimulus and the US-China trade agreement will improve the outlook for global economic growth.

SEK – Strengthening hopes that the EU economy is beginning to recover (if the following data shows it) should be doubly favorable for SEK but it will need confirmation that the EURSEK pair is able to break through the level of 10.40.

NOK – Mysterious inability of the Norwegian krone to arrange a full-fledged rally against the euro when everything works in its favor.