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Expectations of the future US – China agreement

Expectations of the future US – China agreement

Erik Holm - Head of media

According to the Global Times, it is expected that in the last quarter of 2019, China and the United States will be able to come to a partial temporary trade agreement, but the main differences, such as the waiver of duties, government subsidies and disputes regarding intellectual property, will remain.

China has three requirements: the United States must waive duties on Chinese imports, the volume of purchases of American products by China must correspond to reality, and both parties must ensure an honest trade agreement.

In turn, the United States put forward eight conditions, including a reduction in the trade surplus of $ 100 billion during the current year and the same reduction over the next year.

Based on this, it can easily be concluded that the main differences between the parties remain, which will probably prevent them from coming to a full-fledged trade deal on an ongoing basis.