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EUR/USD upward dynamic VS FXCharger EA strategy

EUR/USD upward dynamic VS FXCharger EA strategy

Erik Holm - Head of media

Beginning from the Wednesday morning (18th of June) there was an incredible bullish dynamic of the EUR / USD pair on the Forex market. The currencies rate rose from 1.1191 to 1.1405 and so gained 214 points, which was the highest from March 19. Before closing this week on Tuesday (25th of June) the pair consolidated on the 1.1406 rates and started a slow backward move.

Analyzing the graphics and making sell orders FXCharger MAX  EA managed to achieve a surge in trading accounts and to get profit from the bullish orders. It could perfectly determine a bullish dominant volatile market trend, successfully identified its volatility borders. We never mind on the short small sales that went to lose because of an important volatility breakout that has occurred and FXCharger MAX  EA didn’t miss it. It has taken the opportunity to gain 1586.69 of profit with 7.68 lots.