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Manhattan FX robot stable Forex trading

Manhattan FX robot

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  • Gain 323911%
  • Monthly 51.9%
  • Drawdown 11.6%
  • Days in Live 1656

Manhattan FX robot is the market leader algorithm which is trading on EURUSD & GBPUSD. This totally automated trading software has a unique strategy which makes it outstanding. The software was developed by 12 industrial experts with more decades of trading experience.


Manhattan FX robot - Demo. Positive results are possible only on a demo accounts

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Manhattan FX robot - FxBlue trading account


Attention! Full backtest report is unavailable on the vendor's website. Possible manipulation of the results!

Manhattan FX robot EURUSD - 1 Manhattan FX robot EURUSD backtest results
Manhattan FX robot EURUSD - 2 Manhattan FX robot EURUSD backtest results
Manhattan FX robot GBPUSD Manhattan FX robot GBPUSD backtest results

Information about Manhattan FX robot

Extreme profits

Ultra-high profits on several accounts. Stable and intelligent trading inside.

100% automated

Just let the software do the job! After setting up you just need to relax and watch it work.

Verified results

Reliable results, live tracking. More than 40% profit each and every month.

ManhattanFX: the system by professionals

Who invented this trading logic?

The software was developed by a professional trader group from New York City. The group is made of veteran brokers and young engineers who successfully cooperated and developed this unique money-making machine. The group started working together in 1998. The development phase of ManhattanFX started in 2008. With the experience of the floor traders and with the algorithmic knowledge of the young ones we successfully created the future of trading: Manhattan EA.

Easy to use

No need to have any trading experience or knowledge. Fits for pros and for new ones as well.

Full support

If you have any more questions regarding the setup we are always ready to help you out.

User's Guide

After purchasing you will get a detailed User’s Guide with all the installation steps in it.

Fast setup

The setup only takes 1-2 minutes. After that the EA is ready to do the job: earn extreme profit.


What is the strategy of your Expert Advisor?
The strategy of Manhattan FX Robot is based on breakouts. These breakouts happen many times a day, which results in earning a big profit. The EA always uses StopLoss, which sets the maximal risk for every trade. Also, there is a Money Management feature which can help us with chances and lot sizes before the trades. Martingale, arbitrage and grid systems are not used by the Manhattan FX Robot.

On which currency pairs does your EA work?
If you are purchasing the Manhattan FX Basic version, you will be able to trade only on EURUSD. However, Manhattan FX Ultimate and 2-license work on EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs.

Which broker do I have to use in order to get the best performance?
Actually, you can use any type, if it meets our minimum requirements listed below:

  • Raw spreads + commission (ECN/STP account)
  • 5 digit price feed
  • Large leverage (at least 1:100)

Which broker do you recommend?
We have experienced that the EA does its best with Roboforex ECN-Pro Account. They offer not only low trading feeds and deep liquidity, but also their execution is really fast. It is also important to mention that their leverage is 1:300 which also strengthens the EA’s performance.

What is the minimum balance/deposit do I have to have on my account?
The account size is not restricted. Manhattan FX Robot works on any account balance.

How many accounts can I use at the same time?
In case of purchasing ONE license, you can register ONE Metatrader4 account on our website. However, if you like, you can change your registered account number any time, you just have to log in to the Members’ Area and copy the new account number.

Does Manhattan FX Robot have a trading limit regarding lots?
Yes, it has. The limit is 5 lots (which stands for 500 000 unit). Additional lots are possible to have, but only in case of buying two licenses. That way, you will have 2×5, so 10 lots. This limit can prevent unreasonably high positions, so it also works as a safety feature.

Can I get a trial version before purchasing?
No, unfortunately we cannot offer you a trial version. However, we can create a demo account for you, all you have to do is send an email to our support team, and they will let you know about the details.

Purchase includes:

ManhattanFX basic - $149

  • 1-License
  • Balance defense
  • 100% automated trading
  • Adaptive logic inside

ManhattanFX ultimate - $169

  • 1-License
  • Balance defense
  • News filtering
  • 100% automated trading
  • Adaptive logic inside
  • Online Support

Manhattan FX 2-License - $249

  • 2-License
  • Balance defense
  • News filtering
  • 100% automated trading
  • Adaptive logic inside
  • Online Support

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Manhattan FX robot stable Forex trading

Manhattan FX robot

Manhattan FX robot stable Forex trading

Manhattan FX robot

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